The Tasty Tie Story

Welcome to Tasty Tie! I'm so glad you're here. A little bit about us and our story...

Part I: The Invention 

Tasty Tie® was invented and patented by the talented Erin who had the ah-ha moment when her son was teething in church. She wanted a fashion accessory that was also a teether, but found that there was nothing on the market; especially for baby boys.

Being the savvy mom that she is, she went to a craft store, made her own teething tie prototype, and found that her son was instantly entertained. After working hard to find the right manufacturer and filing a patent and trademark for the unique design, The Tasty Tie was born. 


Part II: Scaling Up!

My name is Amanda, and I'm the new owner of Tasty Tie. After a few years in business, Erin decided that with another baby on the way it was time to step away and focus on her growing family 👶. 

I was gifted the Tasty Tie when my son, Jonah, was born in November 2020. I thought it was adorable immediately and it made for some great photo ops (check out the Tasty Tie Instagram!), but by 3 months it was an absolute essential for us on car rides. The Tasty Tie was great because it was longer than some of the bibs that we had with teethers on the end, so he could put it in his mouth much easier. It never fell off thanks to the clip-on, and we were so hooked we ended up buying a second one just so we could have one for in the car and one for our home. 

Fast forward 8 months later and I noticed the business for sale. I knew immediately that the groundwork had been laid for a great product and business, but what Tasty Tie needed was marketing. With over 10 years in marketing, I knew I could take the product to the next level.

If you have any ideas, questions, or great photos of your little one you want to share with the Tasty Tie team, I'm just an email away at 

Welcome to the Tasty Tie family!