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Best Teething Toys for Babies in 2020

Best Teething Toys for Babies in 2020

As new parents, we anxiously await every little milestone. Some sneak up on you, whereas others you wonder if it’s ever going to show up! Then there are the ones you think will be so exciting and fun but actually end up sending you and your baby into a tailspin. Teething is one of those milestones. You expect your baby to be so adorable with their new teeth, but instead, they're in agony with sore little gums. 

Luckily, there is a vast array of teething toys for babies out there that will help alleviate discomfort from the arrival of new teeth. We love the variety there is to choose from because we know all babies are different. You can give them what they need to feel their best so they can look back at you with that new toothy grin. 

We know you want to choose the right teething toy for your baby. So before we get into our favorites, let's answer some of the questions you might have about when to give a teether and what to look for before making your choice.

When To Give Your Baby Teething Toys

It can be hard to know when to give your baby a teether for the first time. Though you’d think it would make sense to give it to them when you see their first tooth pop through, it’s not as simple as that.

In our article, “Best Remedies for Your Teething Baby,” we talked about how you’ll likely see your baby’s first teething signs between the ages of 3 and 5 months. But that doesn’t mean you’ll actually be seeing any teeth yet. It’s common for your baby to show signs of teething a couple of months before that first tooth pops through. Here are the top teething signs to look for:

  • Swollen gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Increased biting or chewing
  • Irritability
  • Waking more often

If you’re seeing those signs, it’s the perfect time to get your little one a teether! Most teethers are recommended for little ones ages 3 months and up. Around 4 months is when babies are developmentally able to grab objects and move them toward their mouth...the perfect time to start using those teethers more independently.

What to Look For in a Baby Teether  

With the various types of teething toys available, it’s no surprise that you’re wondering which type of teether is best. We know that your number one concern when it comes to your little one is to ensure that anything you’re giving your baby is 100% safe. 

So, how can you tell if a teether is safe?

A few of the materials you’ll want to look for in a safe teether are:

  • Food-Grade Silicone
  • Unpainted wood
  • Organic cotton
  • BPA, Phthalate and Latex Free

Never give your baby a teether that could be a choking hazard such as teething necklaces or jewelry.  Additionally, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s page for other safety tests performed on the teether you’ll be giving your baby. A perfect example of this is how Tasty Tie makes very clear what they’ve done to ensure their product is safe for your little one.

What else should you consider when buying a teether?

Teethers come in all shapes and sizes. There is a wide variety because what works well for one baby may not be the best choice for another. Beyond safety, you want to choose a teether you know will help your baby’s gums feel better and relieve their pain. That’s the goal, right?!

Beyond that, chances are with some research you’ll come across a teether that you know will be just perfect for your baby. 

The last thing we want to suggest before giving you our list of best teething toys is to consider convenience. 

Parenting isn’t easy and there’s no need to make it more difficult than it has to be. If you see the most darling teether, but know you’re going to be picking it up every other second (because you have a little one who thinks it’s hilarious to throw everything), then you’re going to lose your ever-loving mind. Ultimately, choose a teether that will make your baby happy while also lightening your parenting load.

Now that you know how to make the best teether choice for your baby, here is our list of the top teething toys of 2020.

Best Teething Toys for Babies in 2020

Whether you find one perfect teether that’s the only one your baby will take, or you have an array of teethers for your baby to use in different situations, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need from this great list of teething toys.

Best Wearable Teether: Tasty Tie

Remember how we talked about simplifying your parenting? One of the best ways to do that is with a teether that will stay on your baby. Similar to a clip-on pacifier that stays put is the Tasty Tie wearable teether. That's why we love it so much! This convenient teething toy clips on to the neckline of your baby’s shirt and isn't going anywhere. Your baby can tug it every which way (and they will) without you having to worry about it dropping onto the sticky, icky floor.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • wearable for constant teething relief
  • stays attached to your baby’s clothing
  • doubles as a toy with a crinkle sound your baby will love
  • comes in an array of colors and patterns
  • accessorizes your baby boy's outfit
  • easily washable

Materials: food-grade silicone with cotton and polyester fabric 

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Best Blanket Teether: Cheeky Chompers Comfortchew

We know how much babies love their security blankets and lovies. The pint-sized blanket-like teether from Cheeky Chompers will give your baby the comfort they are longing for while also giving them the perfect spot to gnaw when teething gets to be too much.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • teether and blanket comfort in one
  • elastic link attaches to baby’s wrist, car seat, stroller, or pacifier
  • attached ribbon tags offer sensory play
  • can still be your baby’s best friend even when they’re done teething

Materials: Food-grade silicone, cotton, polyester

Best Full-Coverage Teether: Teething Egg


Though an egg-shaped teether might seem a little strange, it was designed this way on purpose. Unlike traditional teethers, the Teething Egg allows for gum stimulation on both the top and bottom of your baby’s mouth at the same time. The small end fits perfectly into your baby’s mouth while the large prevents the egg from being a choking hazard.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • gives a consistent, soft textured surface to both top and bottom gums simultaneously
  • egg base attaches to baby’s clothing (lanyard with clasp included)
  • doubles as a rattle with a shaker inside

Materials: FDA approved, food-grade TPE (a latex rubber blend)


Most Fashionable Teether: Boppy Teething Infinity Scarf

If you haven’t noticed already, babies love to grab their mama’s necklaces and scarves and put them in their mouths. It’s just too tempting! Plus if mom loves it, clearly they know they will, too. As much as you love your little one, though, we know you’d prefer to keep your nice things out of her mouth. The Boppy Teething scarf gives you a nice accessory while also giving your baby their own space of it to chew.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • teether is sewn into an adult-use scarf you can wear
  • ensures your baby won’t grab everything else you’re wearing
  • easy for baby to grip
  • various color options to complement your outfit

Materials: food-grade silicone

Best Wooden Teether: Aspen and Maple Elephant Natural Wooden Teether

Wood probably wouldn’t be your first thought as a good material for a teether. But it’s actually a great choice because it’s naturally antibacterial and free of any harmful chemicals that you want to keep away as far away from your baby’s mouth as possible. Hard wooden teethers can give just the right amount of pressure to comfort your teething baby’s gums, such as this darling elephant one from Aspen and Maple.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • two different teething surfaces including wood and terrycloth
  • comfortable fit for baby’s small hands
  • can be finished with organic beeswax

Materials: 100% all natural beech wood, certified organic cotton, option for a beeswax finish

Best Pacifier Teether: Nippii Freezable Pacifier

If you have a little one who uses a pacifier, you could have a hard time getting them to give up their pacifier for even a minute to get some soothing relief from a separate teether. That’s when the Nippii Freezable Pacifier is a great option. Simply fill the pacifier with water and pop it in the freezer. Once frozen, it’s ready to give your baby the relief they need...and numb those tender gums so they can sleep. With a similar nipple design to many other popular pacifiers, your baby probably won’t even notice the difference.  

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • bumps and ridges and soft nipple give a multi-tactile teething surface
  • anesthetizing cooling effect lasts up to 30 minutes
  • can also be filled with warm water for heat relief

Materials: Hospital-Grade Silicone

Best Teether Feeder: Teetherpop

Look no further than the Teetherpop to give your baby their first (healthy) popsicle experience. For a baby who has started solid foods, this is a great way to give them the nutrition they need while also relieving any pain. Teething babies will sometimes refuse food because they’re uncomfortable, and this fillable, freezable teether offers a great solution.

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • flexible slits allow baby to enjoy their treat while also getting teething relief
  • less messy than traditional teething popsicles
  • can be filled with purees, water, breastmilk, smoothies and veggies

Materials: medical-grade silicone and polypropylene

Best Water Teether: Itzy Ritzy Cutie Coolers

Sometimes you just need a basic teether you can throw in your diaper bag to easily grab when your baby’s teething strikes. These water teethers are a great option to have on hand. The open shapes make it easy for your baby to grasp and gives their gums a soothing place to land. 

What’s to love about this teether: 

  • can go in the fridge to give cooling relief
  • comes in a pack of three so you always have one available
  • adorable cactus shapes

Materials: Silicone


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