Best Wearable Baby Teethers of 2020

Best Wearable Baby Teethers of 2020

Best Wearable Baby Teethers of 2020

There are a gazillion teethers to choose from, but very few are ones your baby can actually wear. This means you’re constantly picking up a dropped teether or trying to remember where you saw it last. Trust me when I say it's worth the extra effort to find a wearable teether that stays put!

Finding a teether that attaches to your baby in some way (and won't fall off) is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily,  we’ve put together the best wearable teethers of 2020 in this list so you don’t have to look any further.

What to Consider When Buying a Wearable Teether

Most of the teethers you see available at the Big Box stores are the typical ones your baby can hold in their hand. And even though they may be pretty cute and even helpful (we put together a list of our top favorites here), wouldn’t you prefer one that stays off the floor?!

In my experience this one element makes a big difference.

So now that you know you’re looking specifically for an attachable teether, let’s look at some other characteristics you’ll want to consider.

Safety of the Teether

Safety is number one when it comes to anything you’re going to give to your baby. Even though most companies have put their product through rigorous standards, that’s not always the case. It’s important to do your due diligence which often just takes a quick visit to a product’s safety page or FAQ section to find out the type of testing the product has undergone as well as the safety of the materials used. 

For example, Tasty Tie has a transparent message here to state what it’s done to ensure they’re distributing a safe and quality product.

And by the way, it's not an oversight that you don't see an amber teething necklace on this list There are a number of concerns associated with this type of baby jewelry and I cannot in good conscience recommend it.

Your Baby’s Age

Some teethers are targeted to a wide age range that are suitable for young babies on up to toddlers, whereas others are best geared toward one age group. For the youngest set, you’ll want something that isn’t too firm for their tender gums as well as something they can easily hold. 

Choosing a wearable teether is great no matter what your baby’s age because you’ll always know it’s within their reach when they need it.

How Well the Teether Stays On

Just because something is advertised as a wearable teether doesn’t mean that it won’t end up on the floor in 2.2 seconds. I mean we’ve all seen the bibs that are no match for the strong-willed 6-month-old.

Make sure the wearable teether that you choose is going to stay put as some fasteners work much better than others.

Our Favorite Wearable Teethers of 2020

The Cleveland Clinic suggests teething rings and toys as a simple remedy to your baby’s ongoing teething discomfort. Though it can be difficult to alleviate the pain altogether, providing a safe teether for your little one is an effective way to help them feel better. We personally love wearable teethers because it means your baby’s teether is always accessible and you don’t have to go on a hunt searching for one only to find it among the dust under the couch.

A wearable teether is a teething option you’ll love to have for your baby and we’ve rounded up our 9 favorites right here.  

*Overall Winner* Tasty Tie Wearable Teething Tie

If you have a baby boy in the teething stage, you really need to look no further than Tasty Tie - the world’s first wearable teething tie. It’s a textured teether, crinkly toy, and darling outfit accessory in one. First and foremost, you want your baby to feel good and be free from teething pain, and the Tasty Tie is the perfect solution while also making sure your little guy is cruising around in style. It’s the multi-FUNctional teether that stays put ready to give instant comfort an put a smile on his face.

  • Food-grade silicone tip of the tie gives right amount of teething comfort
  • Soft, breathable water-resistant fabric helps keep drool off your baby’s clothes
  • Metal clip give Tasty Tie a secure fit
  • great for young babies and even toddlers (as we wrote about here)
  • Comes in 12 unique designs
  • Clips safely and securely onto the neckline of any outfit 
  • Can easily be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Can even match Daddy and big brother!

To find out about all of the Tasty Tie’s benefits we encourage you to read: Tasty Tie: The Wearable Teether Your Baby Boy Needs in 2020.

Mama’s TEM Wearable Teether

If you’re looking for the absolute “will not fall off” teether, this is it. Its unique design will fit firmly around any baby’s hand so it stays put. Though there’s nothing too fancy about this one, your baby likely won’t care since they’ll always have the perfect surface to sink their gums into. Have a fist or finger chewer? This mimics that same feeling and is a great substitute!

  • Fits snugly over baby’s hand with easy to grip handle
  • Made from 100% BPA-free silicone
  • Can be sterilized with boiling and steaming
  • Can get 2 to fit over both hands

Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

If you have a baby who is either too young or not developmentally able to firmly grasp objects, it can be difficult to find a teether that will work for your little one. But since the Munch Mitt fits right over your baby’s hand (just like a typical mitten would), you can ensure your baby always has teething comfort available. Your baby will get twice the enjoyment with the stimulating crinkle sounds in the palm of the mitt.

  • Best for young babies aged 3 - 7 months
  • Chewable portion of the mitt is made from 100% food-grade, textured silicone
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Adjustable strap allows it to fit baby of any size

Nuby Teethersock

Whereas the Munch Mitt works wonders for babies who can’t get enough of their hands, the Nuby Teethersock is perfect for your little feet chewer. Though there’s nothing wrong with a sweet little babe putting their feet in their mouth (and seriously how do they do that?!) this allows your baby to keep their feet warm while getting the gum stimulation they need to stay happy. One thing to note, however, is that though this comes with 2 socks, only one has the teething portion attached. As for whether this one actually stays put? The reviews are positive so I’d guess they stay on pretty well (unless you have one of those strong-willed littles we talked about earlier.)

  • Stimulation for uncomfortable gums due to teething
  • Teether made from soft silicone
  • Best for ages 3+ months
  • Teether sock can go on either foot
  • Several colors and designs to chose from

Cloi Creative 3-in-1 Baby Bib with Animal Teether

We all know how drooly teething babies can much so that there are bibs marketed specifically for little ones in this stage. So Cloi Creative went a step further and created a teething bib with detachable teether and sensory toy that can be worn on baby’s wris (or attached to a stroller.) Have another favorite teether or paci your baby loves? This teething bib allows you to attach a separate one of your choosing.  

  • Fabric bib made from 100% polyester
  • Water-resistant layer will keep bib from getting soaked
  • Removable teether toy 
  • Choose between 4 different designs - each including a darling animal toy

Infantino Wrist Rattles Owl and Fox Teethers

These teethers are a great choice for young babies. Wrist rattles themselves have always been great entertainment for the youngest set, so the fact that these provide teeth stimulation for sore gums makes them that much better.

  • Can be used as young as 0 months
  • 2 teething rattles including darling fox and owl characters
  • Can be worn on ankles or wrists
  • Provides BPA-free silicone texture for teething relief
  • Easy to adjust the size as your baby grows

Not only will these bring smiles to your baby’s face for the entertainment factor, but they’ll also keep teething discomfort away so those smiles don’t fade away.

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Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew

The Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew offers another option with a 2-in-1 bib plus silicone teether design. Though the triangle shape is different from a typical bib, it still provides enough surface area to catch any drool that heads it’s way. The triangular tip allows for the perfect size teether to fit into your baby’s mouth so they can chew away whenever it’s convenient for them. Oh and did I mentionthis stay put Neckerchew is reversible?!

  • Dimpled design on teether gives added teething comfort
  • Bib is made with 3 absorbent layers to keep your baby’s clothes free from dribble
  • Available in singles or packs of 3
  • Array of colors and designs to choose from 


Teething Egg

The teething egg is not your typical teether. It was designed specifically to reach more surface of your baby’s gums than other teethers. Because of it’s curved shape, it’s able to reach both the top and bottom gums at the same time. The narrow end provides the teething comfort your baby needs while the larger end ensures it’s not a choking hazard. And like some of the other great wearable teethers on this list, this one also doubles as toy for play time with the shaker inside.

  • Attaches to baby’s clothing with included holder and clip
  • Offers “deep proprioception” to alleviate painful teething symptoms
  • Made in the USA from food grade TPE (rubber blend)
  • Can be refrigerated if your little one prefers cool comfort

LouLou Lollipop Teether Sets

Do you go gaga over baby designs that just go the extra mile? That’s what really makes these attachable teethers stand out with tacos, avocados, and even bacon and eggs making an appearance. If original is what you’re after (while of course giving your baby the teething comfort they need) then you will love these teether sets from LouLou Lollipop. Not only are these adorable but they’ll also clip to you baby’s clothing so they’ll never be without their teether again.

  • Nubby textures to help soothe uncomfortable gums
  • Silicone beads run down the detachable holder for ample chewing space
  • Bead holder can also attach to baby’s pacifier
  • Can be chilled as we know some babies prefer

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