Introducing The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie! - Tasty Tie

Introducing The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie!

Introducing The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie!



January, 5 2020                                                                                           


Tasty Tie®:  Introducing the World’s First Baby Teething Tie


Tasty Tie® is the world's first wearable baby teething tie.  The tie is a stylish teething solution that securely fastens to the collar of most children’s clothing providing endless CRINKLE entertainment. 


Erin Pate, the inventor/owner of Tasty Tie was recently asked about the inspiration of her now patented teething tie product “The inspiration came from my son, who went through a terrible teething stage, I tried nearly every teething product on the market but the available products always ended up on the floor within moments, frustrating my son even more.  They were not functional and certainly not fashionable. This creation has been a life saver for us especially on road trips or just driving around town. The tie is also machine washable, which is a must for us!”.  Thousands of customers and over 300 Tasty Tie retailers world-wide agree which has propelled Tasty Tie® as one of the top new products in the Children’s Industry.  Tasty Tie® was recently awarded the New Product Cribsie Award, Mom’s Choice Award along with the National Parenting Center award.  Regarding this recognition Erin Pate said “Our first show, AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA was a big success for Tasty Tie®, we then went to the ABC show in Las Vegas to have an even stronger reception from retailers all across America and all over the world.  Re-orders have since come in and it is encouraging to see both large and small retail partners have such success with Tasty Tie®.” 


Tasty Tie® started with three patterns just one year ago and now has 12 patterns along with some new products that will be introduced in the upcoming months. Tasty Tie® will be releasing a limited edition “Baby Shark/Daddy Shark” tie set for both father and son available next month along with some Tasty Tie® milestone baby tie stickers.  With this genius idea and expanded product offering, Tasty Tie is poised for continued success in 2020.


To learn more about Tasty Tie® and their expanding line of baby products please visit or you can reach Erin at 336-202-7962 or

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