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Why Baby Boy Ties Are Becoming Trendy

Why Baby Boy Ties Are Becoming Trendy

Everyone Loves A Dapper Dude

Baby boys look so cute in ties! I love dressing my baby boy in a tie. It's a great way to add a little bit of style to his outfit. Plus, it's a great way to accessorize his outfit - baby boys don't have many accessory options compared to baby girls. But baby ties are also a great way to make him look more grown up - which is certainly a big trend these days with social media sharing. Almost like parents can't wait to see a preview of their baby boy 17 years later at their high school graduation.

Types of Baby Ties For A Dapper Baby

  1. Baby Bow Ties - bow ties would require the baby to wear a collared shirt, which is sometimes an inconvenience because most parents prefer zippered outfits over buttons. But since it's a matter of preference, that's why we sell a cute baby bow tie with shark pattern.
  2. Pre-tied Baby Ties - these ties use an adjustable strap to fit around a baby's neck. This model also requires a collared shirt to wear, which isn't ideal for infants. I've always been skeptical about the safety of this type of baby tie should it get caught and become a strangulation risk. On a positive note, these ties offer good value in that they could be worn past the baby phase and into the toddler phase.
  3. Clip on Baby Ties - our very own Tasty Tie teether is the perfect tie for a baby boy or infant because it clips to any type of outfit (zipper, button, onesie, etc), makes a crinkle sound and has a BPA free silicone teether tip. Don't be fooled - this tie isn't just for special occasions or church, it's a great teething toy for car rides, travel, high-chairs, and anywhere babies need to have a toy safely clipped to them so they can self-entertain or self-soothe.

Baby Ties Are A Great Gift

Pictures are worth a thousand words. When it comes to baby moments that you'll never get back, it's great to have some photos of your little one looking snazzy. Baby ties are a great gift idea because people love sharing their photos of babies wearing ties including celebrities. Baby boys will get plenty of gifts, clothes, toys, teethers, but if you go the baby tie route, your gift should be unique and memorable.


There are many reasons to consider dressing your baby boy in a tie. Whether you are looking for a way to add style to his outfit or you are wanting him to look more grown up, ties are a great option. There are three different types of ties available, so you choose your style.

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