Instructions for use:

Open the clip-on's lever-style clasp by pushing the lever upward.  Place the top of the opening onto the baby clothing near neckline, so that the clasp hangs over the clothing. Press the lever down to secure.  

Care Instructions:

Wash and dry before first use.
Wash tie between uses to remove saliva, milk/food residue from fabric.

Quick hand clean - Scrub any area that has come in contact with saliva. Use dish soap and hot water.
To Dry - Ring it out and dry in dryer OR let air dry (preferably in sunlight).

Full wash - Can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle.
To Dry - Machine dry on low heat, gentle cycle and/or air dry fully.

•Do not dry on very high heat or over-dry in dryer.
•If tie fabric is wet after use by baby, wipe off saliva, leave tie out to dry fully before storing.
•Never store tie when damp after washing/use in any air tight place.
•Discard tie if it becomes worn or damaged.