6 Clip-On Toys Your Baby Won't Drop

6 Clip-On Toys Your Baby Won't Drop

6 Clip-On Toys Your Baby Won't Drop

It’s no secret that babies are constantly dropping things, and that older children intentionally throw toys for their own enjoyment (after all, what’s more fun than dropping a toy and then watching mom pick it up 20 different times?)

Thankfully, at some point someone got the great idea to start making toys that clip-on to baby’s shirt, bib, blanket, car seat, etc. Some extra strong littles might be able to rip them off as they get older, but for the most part, clip-on toys are the way to go when you’re traveling with a baby. Whether it be on a walk, in the car, to the grocery store, on a plane, or somewhere else, a baby who is entertained by a toy is a happy baby, and a baby whose toy is on the ground…is not. But just because a toy is clipped on to your child, doesn’t mean they’ll be engaged by it.

In short, it’s important to choose high quality, developmentally-appropriate toys. In the list below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites…many that have been tested and proven effective by our own children!

1. Kiddo Silly Buddy

We love these soft, silly buddies that attach to strollers and carseats. Their left arms contain a velcro-loop closure to ensure they don’t fall off, and this loop also works great for attaching a pacifier. They are 10” total- the perfect size to snuggle beside baby in their stroller or car seat. They come in a variety of animals including lambs and bunnies, and they’re even machine washable, so no need to worry if somehow they do become detached and fall on the ground.

2. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Freddie the Firefly has always been a favorite in our house; with his numerous colors, mirrors, and crinkles, he’s developmentally appropriate for a variety of ages. He clips on to strollers, diaper bags, car seats, playmats, and more, and he doesn’t have any small parts that could become detached and become a choking hazard. His soft body is perfect for cuddling, and he’s made of polyester, so he’s easy to surface clean if he gets full of drool. Freddie would be a great addition to any child’s toy collection! 

3. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

This toy is recommended for babies under 1 who enjoy batting and grabbing at things in front of them. While it doesn’t technically clip on to anything, it can be wrapped around a carseat handle, stroller handle, or even crib railing (although no toys are safe for sleep for kids under 1). It’s BPA-Free, so safe if your kiddo does manage to grab it and put it in their mouth, and it includes 4 colorful, sensory toys. It comes in a variety of colors and is affordable. This was one of my little’s favorite car seat toys, and it kept them entertained no matter where we went! 

4. Sassy Peek-a-Boo Activity Book with Attachable Link for On-The-Go Travel 

This is another toy that's great for kids 9 months and younger and was favorite in my house! This soft, crinkle book is full of objects from baby’s everyday life, such as birds, bumblebees, and ladybugs. It utilizes high contrast colors and patterns to make it engaging and stimulating for young children, and it even includes peek-a-boo flaps to aid in your child’s hand-eye coordination. The attachable link means you can clip it anywhere from a stroller to a car seat to a diaper bag, making it the perfect toy to take on-the-go.


5. Nuby Linkables, 18 Colorful Attachable Links for Strollers, Car Seats, & Travel

These links aren’t technically toys in themselves, but they are necessary if you plan to use the majority of clip-on toys. These links are compatible with almost all the toys listed above, and they’re perfect for extending the reach of toys for your little one. They can clip on to pretty much anything, and not only do they make it easier for your child to grab their toys, they make it harder for them to drop. Say goodbye to throwing toys in the car, or dropping them out of the stroller! Just attach a few links to each toy and you can rest easy that your child will stay entertained no matter where you are. They’re also made of durable plastic and can easily be wiped and sanitized.  

6. Tasty Tie

Tasty Tie is the world’s first clip-on teething tie, and it was invented by a mom, so you know it works! And if you have any doubt, just read any of the numerous reviews linked here. Tasty Tie clips on easily to your little’s shirt and doubles as a crinkle toy and teether! Your baby will love how easy it is to reach when they’re bored or have sore gums, and you’ll love how well it stays on so you never have to worry that they’re putting a germy teether in their mouth after it’s fallen on the floor. It’s recommended for babies 3-18 months, and you can even put it in the refrigerator or freezer so that it feels extra nice on your child’s budding teeth. It’s machine washable and comes in 12 fun designs and colors. It’s perfect for a stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or shower present!

What are some of your child’s favorite clip-on toys? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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