7 Unique Baby Boy Shower Gifts

7 Unique Baby Boy Shower Gifts

7 Unique Baby Boy Shower Gifts

Do you know a mom who’s expecting a sweet little boy in the coming months and you need the perfect unique baby boy shower gift for them? Are you a soon-to-be boy mom who’s trying to figure out what you actually need to register for vs. what will sit in the closet unopened after your shower?

Finding the right gift for expecting mamas can be tough; there are so many baby products on the market, and one is cuter than the next. That’s why we’ve put together this list of unique baby boy shower gifts for expecting mamas - take a look for some great ideas for the new mommy in your life, or peruse the list and let us help you curate your baby boy shower registry so you know it will be full of things you’ll both use and love!

Some of these gifts are geared towards boys, but most can be used for any gender!

1. Cushy Door Cushion

Veteran mamas know just how loud even the quietest attempt at closing a door can be when babe is napping. Never worry about waking a sleeping baby with this door cushion! Just strap it on to any door handle and sneak out of your baby’s room like the ninja-mama you are- hopefully in time to get a little “me time” in before your little wakes up again.

2. Personalized Mugs with Baby’s Face

Let’s face it- new parents are going to be drinking A LOT of coffee, (or tea, or soda, or dare we say it…wine!) so they might as well be drinking it out of an adorable mug. We love these from Etsy that can be personalized with your baby’s face on them. They make the best gift for mom or dad (or grandma or grandpa!) and will work regardless of gender.

3. Personalized Wine Labels

Speaking of wine, if you know a couple who enjoys a good glass of vino, definitely consider gifting them these personalized wine labels for after baby arrives! It’s so important to make time for yourself, and yourselves as a couple after you become mom and dad, and these wine labels will remind you to set aside time for a date night or a bubble bath now and again. It’s also a unique way to celebrate baby’s milestones, like the first time they sleep through the night! Go one step further and gift them in combination with mom-to-be’s favorite wines, and no doubt you’ll be a hit at the shower!

4. Car Organizer

This is the gift that keeps on giving as baby gets older and especially if he/she ends up a big sibling in the future. Babies come with A LOT of stuff, and it doesn’t generally lessen as they get older…the types of things they need just change. And if you’ve ever been stuck in the car with a screaming baby, you know you need an assortment of items to try to keep them entertained. Use this car organizer to keep track of diapers, wipes, pacis, toys, and a spare outfit when they’re little, and then swap it out with books and snacks (but keep the wipes and extra outfit!) as they get bigger and their needs change. No need to worry about tearing your car apart looking for the binkie next time you’re going on a road trip (or just down the street to the grocery store). 

5. Peepee Teepee

Here’s a gift specially designed with little boys in mind: the Peepee Teepee. New moms may think it’s a joke, but if you’ve ever been hit with a surprise stream while changing a diaper you know the joke’s on you if you don’t use one of these! Sure you can use a wipe or a washrag, but these Peepee Teepees come in such cute designs that it makes diaper changing way more fun, even if you have to dodge the spray like it’s an Olympic sport. 


6. Tasty Tie

Obviously, our favorite baby boy shower gift is the Tasty Tie- the world’s first clip-on tie that’s also a teether! Your babe will look adorable wearing it, and they’ll be happy to do so because it will feel so good on their gums when they’re teething! It also absorbs some of the drool that comes with teething so you don’t have to worry about their sweet little outfit getting drenched. It even makes a fun crunchy noise when you grab it, so it also doubles as a toy for the car or car seat! 


7. Bottle Box

Guaranteed more new mamas (and dads) need to know about this awesome gift from Babylist. It’s a box with 5 of the most popular types of bottles for newborns: Nanobébé, Comotomo, NUK, Dr. Brown’s, and Olababy. If you’ve ever tried to bottle feed a baby, you know that one size does not fit all. Babies are particular about the size of the nipple and the way it feels in their mouth, so this box allows you to try out several different kinds at a reasonable price so you can find the best fit for your little one. All the bottles are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals or clean-up. Gift this with a free babysitting coupon and give your friend (or yourself!) a much-needed few hours away from their new baby.

8. Star Register

Name a star after your little star! Your little one will get their name added to the database of star names, plus a 6-piece gift set and personalized certificate. 

Can you think of any other unique shower gifts that should make the list? What was your favorite gift when your little one was born? Comment below!

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