7 Baby Boy Accessories You'll Want for Every Special Occasion

7 Baby Boy Accessories You'll Want for Every Special Occasion

7 Baby Boy Accessories You'll Want for Every Special Occasion

Boy moms: does it seem like every time you go to the store, the little girls’ section is overflowing with adorable outfits and accessories while the boys’ department is…lacking? What gives? Boys need to attend special events, too, and we want them to look cute as well! Thankfully, it is possible to make sure your boys look as dapper as the girls look chic, you might just need to get a little creative. Check out our list of baby boy accessories your little guy NEEDS to look dashing at his next special event!

1. Socks That Look Like Shoes

Veteran mamas know how hard it can be to keep shoes on your little one, so why not save yourself the hassle and grab some socks that look like shoes? They’ll adorably compliment your baby’s outfit, keep those little toes warm, and stay on without a fight! Etsy has a ton of cute options to go along with whatever outfit and event you might have.

2. Button-up Shirts

Nothing says “tiny grown-up” like a baby in a button-up, collared shirt. Thankfully, clothes designers realized this and starting making button-up onesies for even the littlest babes! These are dressier than your average onesie, but still just as comfortable, so your son will be happy and relaxed no matter what you’ve got planned. Family photos, anyone?

3. Hats

No outfit is complete without an adorable hat: from baseball hats to driver caps and tiny fedoras like this one from Target, your little one will look totally put together with the addition of this extra accessory! A bonus to looking cute is that it will also protect their face from sun exposure, so really a hat is a win-win as long as you can get them to keep it on their head! Pro tip: the less attention you pay to the hat, the less your child will notice it.

4. Bibs

Who knew bibs could serve 2 purposes? One being to protect your little’s outfit from messes, and the second being to act as a cute accessory! Always carry a backup bib and you’ll be prepared for anything; your baby will look adorable AND you’ll have multiple options in case they make a mess. We especially love these personalized bibs from Etsy.

5. Mustache Pacifier

What’s cuter than a little babe with a mustache paci hanging out of his mouth? Not much, and this is an accessory that you’ll be sure never to leave behind. Your babe will be happy to have his binkie, and you’ll be laughing at all the adorable pictures you snap for years to come. Amazon has a great selection of cute (and funny, and even scary!) mustache pacis for all your baby boy accessory needs.

6. Tasty Tie

Our favorite baby boy accessory is, of course, the Tasty Tie. Who doesn’t want their baby to look cute while also having a functional accessory? The Tasty Tie will prevent them from chewing on their shirt, and it might even absorb some of the extra drool that we all know comes along with a teething baby. Not to mention, they’ll look like a little dapper grownup in their itty bitty tie! We have a variety of patterns to match any outfit scheme, and there’s even a matching one for dad. Talk about some cute family photos!

  1. Suspender and Tie Set

Compliment your Tasty Tie with a charming suspender set! Your babe will look so sweet all dressed up in their tie (or bowtie!) and suspenders, and they’ll be the hit of the party in their darling outfit. Throw on a fedora as well and you won’t be able to keep the cameras away. And a bonus? Baby suspenders do double duty- they look cute, and they’ll keep your babe’s pants from falling down! No diaper butts allowed. 

Make sure your little one is comfortable (because they’ll be cute no matter what)

When heading out for a special event, the most important thing is that your little one is comfortable. We guarantee they’ll look handsome, no matter what they’re wearing! We recommend choosing clothing fabrics that are soft and breathable, and easy to get in and out of for diaper changes! And it’s never a bad idea to pack an extra outfit, just in case. Top off their ensemble with one of the baby boy accessories from the list above, clip on a Tasty Tie, and your babe will be ready to go! Don’t forget your camera! 

What’s a must-have accessory for your baby boy? Comment below!

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