10 Best Baby Photo Props

10 Best Baby Photo Props

10 Best Baby Photo Props

What parent doesn’t love having darling photos of their babies? Whether it’s the thousandth picture you’ve taken on your phone that week, you’re shooting with your DSLR, or you’ve hired someone to capture a special milestone, photo props can bring a photo from good to great in a snap.

But where do you even begin with all of the baby photo props available? Or maybe you don’t even know yet what to look for to bring a little pizzazz to your baby's photo shoot. Not to worry as we have 10 of the best baby photo props to share with you today.

Best Photo Props for the Perfect Baby Picture

It’s great to have various photo props on hand throughout your baby’s first year. Some will be best suited during the newborn stage whereas others you can use throughout the year. You can make your photo shoots as basic or as extravagant as you want to, but one thing’s for sure - the subject will always be cute as can be!

We hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for in our top 10 list of baby photo props.

1.) Ties and Bowties for Boys

There’s just something about dressing up our baby boys like their daddies! But getting your tiny one in a full blown suit would be a lot of work, so a tie or a bowtie makes for a perfect photo prop that your baby can wear. 

We especially love the options from Tasty Tie. What’s awesome about these baby ties is that they are actually a teething toy, as well! So if you have a little guy who has some new pearly whites coming in (and that’s a good portion of your little  one’s first year and beyond) you can keep your baby comfortable while also keeping them fashionably styled for their photo shoot. 

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You can choose from an array of different designs or even match your little guy with big brother and daddy, too! 

2.) Bows for Girls

If you have a baby girl you’re wanting to dress up for a photo shoot, a bow is a sweet addition. I personally loved the dainty bows on my girls when they were newborns, but the large flower bows definitely made a beautiful impression, too. 

These usually come in either thin or wide headbands, making them easy to put on your baby (even if she hardly has any hair!)

Etsy has many creative choices that will not only be a great photo prop, but allow you to get your little girl all dolled up through her first year. Another great choice is the matching bow and swaddle wrap sets which make for a great prop for a newborn photo shoot. This one can even be personalized with your child’s name, or consider matching sweaters here!

3.) Swaddle Wraps

Swaddling is one of the best ways to help an infant sleep, but they also make a great photo prop. Who doesn’t love the sweetness of a baby wrapped up like a mini burrito?!

This is something I’m pretty sure is in every baby photographer’s bag of tricks because the array of options can make any photo extra special. Or if you have a photo shoot coming up, you may want to have your own swaddle ready that matches the style of your baby’s nursery or for a particular look you’re going for. 

We hope you don’t forget to get yourself in a few of these photos as you’ll want to remember this special time with your baby...because it sure flies by! A great way to do this is by getting a Mommy and Me matching set which includes a swaddle for your baby and a robe for you (plus you'll use it a ton, right?!) We love the options available at Baby Be Mine.

4.) Baskets

If you are new to photography looking for a pretty simple way to make a statement with your baby photos, a basket is a great way to do it. When paired with a cozy blanket or faux fur, you can tuck your sweet newborn inside to get the perfect pic. 

This isn’t a prop you need to spend a lot of money on and you may already have something in your home that will work. Otherwise, a quick trip to your local craft store will surely get you what you need. Rachel Tesch Photography has a great tutorial if you need help figuring how to to get your set up just right.

5.) Faux Fur

Faux fur pairs perfectly with a basket photo prop, but it also can look great on it’s own. One way photographers use it is by draping it over a large bean bag made for posing babies, such as this one. But unless you’re a photographer who plans on doing many newborn photo shoots, this probably isn’t something you need to invest in.

Instead, look around your house for a pillowy type surface where you can lay the faux fur. This will give a comfortable, cushiony spot to lay your sleeping baby to get a picture worthy of hanging on the wall. 

Furs come in a range of styles and colors, which is helpful if you’re trying to match other accessories or the theme of your baby’s room. You can find a wide collection of faux fur for your baby’s next photo shoot at Custom Photo Props.

6.) Milestone Stickers

Out of everything on this list, I feel like monthly milestone stickers are 100% necessary. I know you’ve seen these - they are large stickers that are placed on the chest or belly of your baby’s onesie. It’s the easiest way to tell the world about your baby’s newest milestone including:

  • Week-by-week age
  • Month-by-month age
  • First tooth
  • Rolling Over
  • Sitting Up
  • Crawling
  • Walking
  • First Word

What’s great about these stickers is they don’t require any additional set-up. Though using things like baskets and faux fur can make for a super sweet photo op, it can be time consuming getting it all ready to go and placing your baby just so to get the perfect shot. These stickers are perfect for busy parents who just want to make sure they capture each of their little one’s most important milestones.

If you have a little boy, we love these monthly milestone tie belly stickers from Tasty Tie which are a bit more fancy than the circular stickers you’ll usually see. And if you have a little girl, be sure to check out these Tutti Frutti ones from Maisonette.

7.) Reusable Milestone Chalkboards

I didn’t have one of these when my children were babies, but I love using them now that they are school-aged. I loved our milestone stickers we had, but would have loved using those alongside one of these amazing chalkboards as well.

Plus it’s just fun to go back to the good old days and pick up a piece of chalk, don’t you think?

Etsy is the perfect place to look for a customizable chalkboard. We love the design and options of these found at Carolina’s Letters Shop. You can choose from several designs and personalize it with your baby’s name. It’s perfect for those monthly baby photos we love so much!

Don’t like chalk on your hands and prefer the ease of a dry erase board? You can find those on Etsy, too!

8.) Baby Milestone Blankets

Again, where were these darling blankets when I had babies? Perhaps around, but I certainly never came across them. But you are in luck, because plenty of blanket design options are now available to create the perfect backdrop to your baby’s monthly photos.

I especially love these because until your baby is sitting up, it’s easiest to take weekly or monthly photos with your baby staring up at you and laying on their back. Though a pretty rug can give a great background, too, these blankets take care of the letting everyone know how old your baby is, too. There are just so many choices that are sweet as could be including this one from Sugar House Shop!

9.) Crochet Outfits

I cannot get over how talented everyone is who sells these crocheted outfits for babies. If you have a particular animal or character in mind that you’d, chances are you can find someone who has it available in pint-sized crochet clothing. Or if you’d prefer just a simple matching set of diaper cover and beanie, you can find those, too.

This option is one of my favorites for a newborn photo shoot. I mean check out the mermaid and baby yoda...I can hardly even handle the cuteness!

I’m guessing if you find the right crocheter, I’m sure you can get a custom outfit for your son or daughter, too. 

10.) Holiday Photo Props

Before we go, we don’t want to forget to mention how special you can make your holiday photo shoots with the right props. These work especially well for newborns born around an important holiday, but they also ensure that you get that memorable baby photo of your baby’s “first.”

Celebrating a first holiday with your baby is extra special, and you’ll want to remember the occasion forever. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one! Check out a few of our favorite options for inspiration: Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, including how to make a calendar with pictures!

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